Talk to a friend of yours tonight
She wanted to know if I was all right
She asked if I still talk to you
Her hope was that we were through!
Behind my back a game she'd play
Tried to get you to walk away
Interrogated your love for me
Disguised it as my fantasy...

Was it my fantasy when you looked in my eyes?
Was it my fantasy when you hushed my cries?
My fantasy that held me close to your heart?
My fantasy that you helped me discover my art?

She said are you in love with her?
"Absolutely, not for sure!!"
Absolutely, not for sure??
"No I am not in love with her!!"

Tell me true
Am I the chosen one for you?
Am I the one who makes you glad?
Am I the best you've ever had?

Basta Man tell me now
Am I all your Heaven Will Allow?
Am I the one that you adore?
The one that you are living for?

Basta Basta Basta Man
Take me now as I am
Don't wake me from this fantasy
Until you confess your love for me!

Gina Giambone 2022

~ Gina Giambone & Giorgio Caserini ~

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~ Composed by Orz Well ~

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