Borrowed Blue


Something Old, Nothing New
As I give my vow to you
I'll love you for eternity
Regardless if you can be with me.

First time I looked into your eyes
Is when I began to realize
A love inside so very real
The way only you make me feel.

It's you Baby... It's you.
Needing the heat of our Flame
Twin flickers created the same
The soul that can not detach
In love I have met my match.

Strike that match let it burn
Live the lessons meant to learn
Milk and honey in my hand
Sticky sweet treats in the promised land.

Ignore advice of those from our past
Await the sound of angelic trumpet blast
Moses stayed out not claiming his prize
But I enter in when I look in your eyes.

I'm going into the promised land
Come on baby take my hand
With milk and honey I'll wait for you...
Someone borrowed, Someone blue.

~ Gina Giambone & Giorgio Caserini ~

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~ Composed by Orz Well ~

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