If my king were here
Oh what would I do?
I'd act like Bathsheba
and give him a bath to view.

I'd let down my hair
and let him touch my breast
I'd do all that he commanded,
I'd lay upon his chest

Oh, Bathsheba!

I'd say, "Oh David, Baby,
please write for me a psalm...
You speak to me like no other,
you make my spirit calm."

I'd run and fetch his arrows
and bring them back all clean
I'd give him royal children,
he'd want no other Queen.

Bathsheba, Bathsheba, Bathsheba!

And when he got so jealous
a life he'd plan to take
I'd stand with him and hold his hand
and not attend the wake.

That's what I'd do for my David,
You see, he's really quite the king
Enchant him with the golden rule,
and make his spirit sing!

Bathsheba, Bathsheba, Bathsheba!

Gina Giambone & Giorgio Caserini

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